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The Tapestry

Posted in The Madness of Art on December 16, 2010 by mistressofpoetry

Voices disembodied
Memories without name
Rise freely from cashmere thoughts
As doves
Flying high from sight, like ghosts upon the morn

Fields of illusion dare sweep away the tears
Of paintings wrought by madmen
As I lay dreaming of castles in the dust
In a room filled with grey
And blood

How leaves have turned to ash
And shadows have turned pale
Like floating agony
To follow fingers drawn in red
As the last trace of life lies bleeding in the storm

The amber of soundless moaning pounds the walls
As a vulture, come to collect the feast
Devouring silver tears
Which rose from the silent grave
Of my soul

Shreds of an endless tapestry
Flow from walls of black
In effigy, torn and shaking
On floors filled with lust
As the music reigned supreme

My desolate wish for ending
Whispered to the falling sand
In the sudden silence which drove its claws
Through my helpless body
Pierced with solitude and suffering

Images flow from eyes of madness
Waiting for the weaver’s dream
As shadows watch the dancing path
Of the circling firelight
Fading from within these enchanted walls of sleep…

The Sorrow of Winter

Posted in Winter Desolation with tags , , on December 12, 2010 by mistressofpoetry

Frozen by Arielle Carroll

Desolation looms in the background
Of every breath that lingers,
Half held and empty on branches
Barren and cold
Out there, somewhere
In every vision of endless death

Skies turned grey and lonely
Over streets left untrodden
Calling out
But no one answers
No one hears, and no one stirs
All is lost in the mist of dreams that time forgot

Decay in every aftermath
In every corner
In every step not taken
For there is no one left to bear them
No laughter and no tears
Nothing but the sound of gloom, whispering in the wind

Day and night, it’s all the same
Unending gloom
And destiny held in the hand of despair
As the clouds look on in mourning
For the lost child of winter
The one whom we all despised

In sorrow, she wept but one bitter tear
As her naked body froze
In the silence that was her only warmth
The beauty that was her heart of glass
Now a wasteland of memories that shall never return
Sending forth this misery with outstretched hands
Behind pale blue eyes that wish never to see again…

The Dance

Posted in Dark Winter Fantasy with tags , , , on December 7, 2010 by mistressofpoetry

It was a day I shall always remember,
A day in which heaven fell freezing at my doorstep
And all but the Tannenbaums were silent

In this wasteland of memories I sat thinking
In an argumentative dialogue with myself, I paced and sat , and paced again
In time with the sand which fell within the glass, I wrestled with my troubled soul

Angrily, I stared at my window, in chastisement of the fog,
Which now concealed my view
Hiding all but the shadows which lurked behind my confusion

Then I heard it…..
The soft footfalls which pounded within my drumming ears
Taunting me to look above the menagerie which lingered around my chair

Hesitantly I stood upon the floor which denied me the pleasure of a quiet walk
Groaning in harmony, my feet pursued the path where the grey light fell
Until I reached those glass eyes which opened with a jolt, and there, I saw her…

She was as cold as a winter’s breeze through my open window in December
Her elegant waltz in the falling embers of a dying angel’s wings
Enchanted, I gazed at her

Struck by her fragile form, I could not help but wonder at her movements
Graceful and adorned in ice-fairy kisses,
She danced until completely swallowed by the sea of white

I was caught so unaware at her lustful radiance,
That chance had ordained such grace of visitation
Not a closed lid would I have shown her had she looked my way

Then suddenly, without a single trace she vanished
What path she followed, I could not see
But stricken with the pain of longing, I scarce could endure but to follow

The flurry felt within the steps were but a fraction of the pounding of my heart
Which for the first of many years had leapt from my chest at such wondrous visions
Visions which betrayed my very breath

Running, I felt the chill of December chasing my flesh at a dizzying pace
For I had forgotten my coat in this coldest of winters
Frozen, without a thought for the winds, I had run into the storm

Silently, I heard again the footsteps of her dancing, beckoning my follow
So off into the fading light of evening I walked,
Never feeling the cold, never caring for any but the angel I had seen at my window

Deeper into the endless towers of the forest, I followed the sound
Echoing now as tiny bells,
The melody of my enchantress played on in my fever, which faded into delusion

Halted, I stood at the river, gazing
Pondered did I at my arrival, which jolted me from slumbering steps
Had I followed some witch bent at ending my lonely life?

Forsaken within, I slowly turned toward the sound of thunder
And I remember no more
For as quickly as I had awakened, I fell into the deepest of slumbers, pierced only by the bells

It must have been days which passed
Delirium floated in dreams which could not have been imagined by mortals
Until finally, the light peered at my face in wonderment

In the snow had I fallen,
Struck by thundering horses with … bells… on the harnesses
Running free from the horseman, or could it have been the reaper’s mare?

Scarcely could I tell the difference
For what had nearly taken me from life had spared my lonely existence
Surely I would have died in my lack of bearings, in so deep a forest in winter

With such stark realization, I could not hesitate in my thankfulness
And greeted once again by the cold, I headed to the beginning
The beginning of my dance

I would never again see the angel which had vexed me so
But on silent winter nights, I can still hear the footsteps in my lucidity
As once again my heart pounds with delight, just before the dawn…

(Note from the author: Sorry for the word wrap. This was originally written in triplets.) 🙂

Ghosts of Winter

Posted in Dark Winter Fantasy with tags , , on December 6, 2010 by mistressofpoetry

Far away, in many a distant dreaming
I fell
Deep into some chasmous dark ending
The end of all
And the end of none
For what it was, I cannot say

Recollection evades me, but I remember the chill
As ice and memory drove deep and jagged
Memories of drought
Emotional famine
All but the loneliness of time
In that, I drowned millions of times

Over and over I sat, fading
Scarcely wondering should I dare to hope
As the snow refused to fall
And my dreams refused to die
In those barren landscapes outside my windowpane
Long since dead, where trees fall silent

Endless I gazed into the dreary netherworld
Empty and abandoned
Waiting, watching
For his shadow to pierce the fog
Yet all these colorless orbs could see
Were the phantom towers of winter

Perhaps I joined them, or perhaps I died
Somewhere between my hopelessness and dreams
Down rocky paths of eager failure
When came the dark stranger
Who now inhabits me
Or perhaps it is I who possessed him

A beautiful tragedy or a never-ending nightmare
We walk the path of ebony
For it is the only path we wish to know
Dead eyes see no fortune
But they do see truth
Just as the forests see the shadows of time

Such are the laws of melancholia
Sad spirits only find peace through misery
Inside, death is but a path forever waking
And forever living
It breathes through our hands in strokes of pain
Etching our formless ghosts onto the canvas of eternity…