For the Wounds…

This is for the wounds that will never heal
This is for a time that will never change
And I a pitiless fool who refused to back down from a dream
This is why it scars
This is why it burns my soul
And this
My punishment for belief
In love

Strike me down in a furrow of flames
For what would sting worse?
Thy treachery or my rope-torn flesh?
Hinder me not from my plight
For it is better to die young than to empty myself of all tears

Closed_Eye_Visuals by Arielle Carroll

The ocean is as dry as the sun-scorched earth
For every last drop was poured out for that dream
That unattainable and barren child from the west
Struggling to see the sun rise from behind the curtain of night
A bleary-eyed soldier of misfortune, mistaking the spectre for truth

Why must I hide behind this smile of distrust
Is there even one hand to hold
To take to my dying hour
And caress my face in one final kiss?
Or is even this a fanciful dream of unreality?

This is for the dream that never lived
And for the burden that is never lifted
It is a fool’s resurrection in blinded desire
This is why it tears
And this is why it bleeds
And yet
It is this solitary dream which continues to keep pace
With each breath I refuse to take


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