Dark Lover, An Ode To Chocolate

I need not a boring love
In tasteless bliss and sighs
My only need is dark and rich
Blended on my tongue as wine

My sweet and oh so pure delight
Your craving never ends
On lonely nights with tear-struck hearts
You are my one true love

Ease my pain and dry my eyes
When life seems so obscure
Not man nor beast could take your place
Dark beauty… more than I can resist

Bring my senses to their knees
Weaken me with lust
I cannot hide my want from you
Forbidden, on my thighs

My mind craves your sweet caress
Eternal without woe
Place your smile upon my face
Chocolate, my unfailing suicide…

In celebration of valentine’s day, for those with lonely hearts.


2 Responses to “Dark Lover, An Ode To Chocolate”

  1. haha i love it šŸ˜› couldn’t of done better if you tried.

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