If Only…

Lay my heart beside the breaching sand
For it would wash away the pain with scorching pain
If only you could wish the love away

Lay my body beside the edge of darkness
For it would float away into forever
If only there were a breath left to savor

Still the song within my chest
For it would gently chime its rhythmic voice
If only there were music left within

You gave me tears for crimson wine
And stole the beauty from my heart
Only to leave me in utter emptiness
Listening to the echo of time slip by
As I dreamt in years of oblivion
Wishing ne’er to feel again

A watcher was I
Waiting by the shore of dreams
Searching for the promise of your kiss
That would never quench my lips
And the feel of your fingertips
Never to grace my skin again

As I grow old in days long past
And youth regains its composure
I would that my soul recall
The agelessness of those fantasies
The innocence of a childhood wish
And fall eternal into what remains… of me…

Let me slip into the warmth of love
For it would heal the wounds so dark and deep
If only it could touch my woe

Lift mine eyes unto the moonlight
For it would awaken the garden within
If only my countenance were allowed to shine amongst the dew

Let me dine in your fields of pleasure
For it would fill my soul with life
If only I could taste your love

If only…

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