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A Song of Desolate Gardens

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Unlock_the_Secrets by Arielle Carroll

I burn upon this miserable sod that my feet evermore are forced to tread
My soul is a wanderer from the farthest stretches that my spirit dares to dream
Oh, my father, why have I been cursed upon this silence?
I am the desolate child, lost within thousands of tears which water this barren soil
The gardens arise with the mist that I, forsaken, have come to whisper upon the wind
For eternity, I shall crumble within this sorrowful song.

I pour out my lasting love upon those ears which turn away
And I cry the morrow, wherewith the sun will never shine
How could I have borne my sins to the sky,
When all I have desired is this single embrace
which the flowers of my sanctity alone will bear for me
When the melody becomes only a tear, stolen by the breeze

There is worth within the sparkling rivers of my solitary hope
They who dream in tears
And fall in ash
This is the birthplace of my peaceful fairytale
Where I would be a queen of the dew
With tiny wings to kiss each petal and lay my empty soul to rest

One day, when the melody has carried me to my far-away dream
And the sand has travelled to your shore
I shall sit and listen to the wind
And fare away the pain which renders me broken and alone,
For my words will fall upon the wishes in this grove
Where the burning will be but the memory of a tear-filled past.

The Crag

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When will you see the blood crawling from my walls
And admit the pleasure of words which cut me so
But you don’t understand the force which drives the storm
When all you hear are screams

Sirens howl a hundred curses outside my windowpane
And here I sit within these butchered corners waiting for my turn
Silent and oblivious to the coming strike
Staring empty at the hours which pass within my life

Misery walks in time with a heart grown cold and dark
Beautiful in her enchanted and sorrowful eyes
Painful mourning in a blasphemous stare
Striking me with such bold indecision

Should I follow in the path to drowning
Or fall by the wayside in a torrent of tears
Either way is destitution and unseen death
As I silently await the clock’s toll… one more hour

Still the dream awakens me
Still it pushes me to the edge
Where I wish to leap and fly
Just once, to be finally free

One more hour, and the mirror grows hazy
Endless days have I spent searching
Never to find a reason
Never to find relief, nor a passing smile

Maybe one day, I’ll run to the seaside
And find my drowning Fantasia
Follow me, follow me, and never look back
For you will awake in the nightmares I see every day

Dreams fade, and years float away
As the storm takes its victim for one last ride
All I am is a winding, rocky path
And in the end, I will face the crag, and leap.

No more storms and no more blood
Never again to dream this dream
Don’t dare show your liar’s tears
For I was merely a phantom, passing through your day…



Message from the author: This is one I wrote a few years back for a friend. Hope you all enjoy.