As I Stood Watching the Fire

“Close my eyes
And open my soul
These are the days of my youth
Though my body grows old”

Never did tears burn so fresh
As from the fount of your eyes
Which stared long and hard toward the end of the valley
Testing the dragon’s faith
As he stood sharpening fangs of lusting fury
To hurl at warrior’s end

Yet we stood firm in our alliance
Casting shadows where saints dared not shine
Treading deadlier than the heights of Olympus
And deeper than the depths of Poseidon’s kiss
For we drank the blood of strength
And returned, thirsty for more

It was you who washed my tears with burning flame
And shunned the light with your blinding eyes
For you were a thousand stars brighter than our foe
With all his force and flame
Which we withstood
While burying our own death

I stood young
Watching the fire
Time fled
And you added a day
Yet for all you are, you remain a secret to destiny
For the chains no longer bind your feet

Hands which writhed in anguish
Fought fiercer than the wind which screamed your name
I stood in awe
As your beauty burned away the scales
And we consumed the feast of the flame
Toasting another day’s journey in defiance

“Open my soul
And clear the mirror’s eyes
For today I was a child
Learning how to fight.”

One Response to “As I Stood Watching the Fire”

  1. AWESOME! 😀

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