Agony, Beloved

I am born from the bondage of a furious pain
Known only to the inner sanctum of my own demise
This darkness in which I bore my soul to the air
In the shadows, where I shall dwell

Eternal night has consumed the evening solitude
And I sit in wonder at what anguish awaits my fevered dreams
The severed horizon of my sanctity devours what meaning might have grasped deliverance
For I have always found an icy stare beyond the embrace of false hope

When will the breath of release build the fire within,
And will I be able to behold the fury of this pain?
I am one with rejection
My wrath is known to a thousand eyes
My weakness is known to only a few
And yet I am blemished with this path of confusion
For which I recieve punishment

I will not hide my soul from the one who dares to enter my sanctuary
Who would touch my deepest fears with a thorn of understanding?
I bleed, and yet, bare, I fold inward against the wave of tears which embrace the flame
I feel the burning steel of lonliness, desire, and rage in forms which are beyond shape
Colorless phantoms which knew no light
In my darkest pain, I dream a whisper of one voice

Look upon my desolation, and adorn my face with flowing scarlet
For these barren thoughts knew not the caress of time
Thy hand reaches out to the end, and brings back forbidden nourishment
I will drink the dew from thy chalice, and eternal, mourn for misery’s tender embrace.

Pain is my salvation
For charity has left me empty in want
I join the entity in darkness, my beloved, enduring agony
In cascades of night beyond what aura can be seen…


2 Responses to “Agony, Beloved”

  1. lunarmoth Says:

    Such beautiful imagery here! I particularly liked the phrases “thorn of understanding,” “the dew from thy chalice,” “colorless phantoms,” and “burning steel of loneliness, desire, and rage.”
    I read it several times to let the rich emotions sink in.
    I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

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