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Haunted Lullaby

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Eternal_Slave_of_Fear_by_Arielle Carroll

Sleep my darlings
I see you there
Waiting by the tearful willow
Behind the veil of blinding light
Your future and my past

Teaching patience unfulfilled
With wishes never granted
Sorrow carving streams of pain
With echoes never answered

And if the silence
Could tell its tale
I would dare not speak the truth
For how could I betray your innocence
By my murder within this room?

Lives shattered like the mirror’s gaze
Broken with each scream
Return the soul to walk at night
And watch here while you dream

Rest my darlings
I am here,
And never will I leave
Enter peaceful, loving shores
And listen while I sing

Mother’s voice,
I know it well
Whispered in the breeze
Every night I feel her hand
Soft against my cheek

Daddy, can’t you hear her song
Can’t you see her ghost-like image
Walking on the moonlit moor
Like an angel’s pallid visage?

Dreams turned darkly
Forged in fear
Vengeance taken slowly
Madness driving men to die
When to Hell they sink so lowly