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Chasms of a November Storm

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In the secret chambers of a tranquil mirage, I am captive to the doom that awaits–
This romance of apocalyptic fantasies in the fires of a November storm.
Frigid sands of an ancient secret, send me to the eyes of redemption’s kiss;
Transform me in the land of virgin screams, absent of mindless torment,
For I will become a temptress in waiting, a scornful apparition of death.
I am hated, and will always be so; love me not in the frost of the snow-filled prison of despair.

The embers of my execution day, revived in the scent of oblivion’s flame;
I was chained in the days of my innocent youth, and burned by the hatred of scorn.
“You who consumed my faith in the silence of a stalker’s dream,
Will feel the fear which I felt; you shall taste the poison of my tears,
Convulse in the pain of my soul’s blade, a dagger of unending nightmares.”
Alive, and yet dead, the spirits of the past are reborn.

A vicious circle, trapped in the core; I cannot see the end of torment’s consuming fear.
What I am, lost in the chaos of emotions that dwell in the heart of the storm;
A mirage of consciousness, thunder in the audience of life;
Visions long forgotten return to the source of dreams,
As I travel the labyrinth of my mind, a frost-laden fury guides my eyes.
Raging flame of my will, passion’s elusive paths are revealed in the chasms of November ice.

The Sorrow of Winter

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Frozen by Arielle Carroll

Desolation looms in the background
Of every breath that lingers,
Half held and empty on branches
Barren and cold
Out there, somewhere
In every vision of endless death

Skies turned grey and lonely
Over streets left untrodden
Calling out
But no one answers
No one hears, and no one stirs
All is lost in the mist of dreams that time forgot

Decay in every aftermath
In every corner
In every step not taken
For there is no one left to bear them
No laughter and no tears
Nothing but the sound of gloom, whispering in the wind

Day and night, it’s all the same
Unending gloom
And destiny held in the hand of despair
As the clouds look on in mourning
For the lost child of winter
The one whom we all despised

In sorrow, she wept but one bitter tear
As her naked body froze
In the silence that was her only warmth
The beauty that was her heart of glass
Now a wasteland of memories that shall never return
Sending forth this misery with outstretched hands
Behind pale blue eyes that wish never to see again…