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Empty Grave

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Here is my story for you never to hear
Here is my novel for you never to read
For those of you who never saw me
And never gave me a chance at life
This is my good-bye.

Don’t mourn, for there is nothing here but the rain
The tears I once shed have ceased,
Now the sky remembers my lament
For you who never dared to gaze
Inside this empty grave.

I’m not sorry for being less than perfect
And I bid no apologies for being what you hate
My voice is that of sadness
And it is sadness which you refuse to hear,
Filling the stones with a consuming roar of questions.

Don’t bother to turn away,
For I will be in every face that you see
Somewhere behind eyes waiting to cry
And lungs waiting to scream
And though you won’t notice, I will follow you.

I am all that you ignored in your exuberance for light
I am all that you betrayed in your haste to run away
Your denials of remorse leave me with nowhere to return
So I will haunt you
Behind these broken mirrors you look in every day.

When the wind sends a chill on that frosted heart of yours
And you seek out the warmth inside your comfortable walls
I will cause you to shudder
For it is I who will be walking atop your empty grave
Don’t pretend not to know the reason, when you never looked in mine.
It still waits.

A Silent, Whispered Prayer

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Like a softly flowing stream
The raindrops from your eyes did fall
As the quill ceased its fluttering motion

A heart filled with such joyous misery
Lay broken and torn upon the soil
Unable to beat its final summoning

Restless your dreams did ponder
Like a child, quivering in the cold
Questioning the reasons why
You were left starving and alone

Was it such a mortal sin
To love so deeply
As to cherish each teardrop
And each line upon her face?

As the seasons slowly retrace their journey
Your heart will begin to heal
And forget the stains left behind
By each self-inflicted wound

May the sea like a soothing angel
Guide your soul to its rebirth
And her voice echo back lullabies
To mend your broken wings

I will hold you with my soul
And with songs command the skies
Just so that once,
You could hold the moon within your hands

And like raindrops, sail
From behind the veil of night
May it be my tears which fall
While your face shines with delight

For I would give away my joy
Just to see you smile
And shed a thousand drops of blood
To grant your heart respite

As the quill begins to speak once more
What is seen in lucid dreams
I can scarcely catch my breath

For each word etched deep within my soul
Was written by your own hands

And every hope I ever spoke to you
Was a silent, whispered prayer


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Years succumb to the footfalls of strangers
Swearing allegiance to an unknown crown
Questions bearing no aid nor answer resonate from beyond
In waters which brought forth dreams
And never faltered for lack of reason

Fury fell fast upon a breast forged in pain
As princes crumbled beneath the mire
Danced as never before, then died
Broken and weary from a fear which knew them not
Fully denied fate of half-empty eyes which never dared to see

With fear, I embrace the steps of the damned
Chiseled in abhorrence
Kissed with passion
And yet my burdened feet bleed with each wish
Wanting for that which words cannot form

Seas of madness dwell in this heart of stone
Waiting for you to crush it.
Let it weep
For in those tears I will find my release
And kiss the humble hand which still holds the key

Ask not for hidden treasures, readily attained
For I have given myself away
As laughter drowned in its own iniquity.
Madness held within crystalline tears
Fall upon your pure brow, to quickly wipe away…
From wandering eyes