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Midnight’s Caress

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Sands shift slowly in worlds which collide
The heaven which I sought now falls beyond my reach
As the seasons unfold in chaos

My eyes seek the solitude of dreams
For they are the only breath that is left in me
If but for a moment I could breathe
And yet I long for them as a child longs for its mother
Desecration of warmth
Violation of sanctuary
The seas stir against me
And I fall along the path which I alone walked many times

My moon, which kisses the horizon on her way to eternity
She sings softly the gift of respite
However brevid, it soothes my heart for the night
And I dream again

Morning rises to meet the lover’s eyes
So sweetly, they join in a dance which I know not
I hear them in the footsteps of my soul
The laughter, I despise
An embrace that leaves me in want
Were it not for the solemn thoughts within midnight’s caress
I would be lost whole in emptiness eternal
Yet a darker heaven is seen more clearly
In the shadow of my reflective stare.

Passion Defiled

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Unlock The Secrets by Arielle Carroll

My sanity is as the rose, dying from the heat of the sun,
For there were no tears to cool the anger that raged,
Destroying this, my blossom of love
Immortality formed of desire and lust
Passion cradled in shadows which blend in portraits of madness
Embers which create the ebon of thought
A scythe of impure fantasies turned from without my mind’s eye

Your skin was formed of this hate
How could I refuse such a beautiful fantasy?
I have torn the crimson valleys,
And called forth the ancient song,
For this insatiable violence that I feel has been crushed
Beneath the ribbons of unforeseeable divinity, entwined in your hair,
Which falls asunder in the pools of a satin death, where I laid thee to rest

A love filled with such unmistakable hatred
How conquest was brutally won with the power of consummation
Writhing in the chasms of your scream
Dare you to split the sky with this fornicated fantasia?
Little I have dreamt past these emissaries of pleasure and pain
Contained in those eyes which stare wantingly,
Yet they grow pale at the undaunted act of aggression which I commit

Silence awakens with the bells
Hysteria ceases its hold upon my mind
Eyes which, red with anger, fade into the ocean they held before
I have created this landscape of terror
Streams which run towards lakes of atrocity fill my view
I will hide them within the fortress of my soul
Until the dawn comes for me, wrapped in darkened flames of vengeance

The things which these eyes portray are a portal of never-ending wrath
Hidden in the vortex of madness
Seething with the chaos which unseats your deities from their thrones
Smiling with agony and scorn from a past well devised in rejection
I would wrap your world around my blade
Its vanity is too great to view from mine
Until passion spreads its wings once more, defiling the pure hate within…

The Dance – re-post

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For those who have never seen this, it is one of the first posts here at Mistress of Poetry, and I felt it was worth re-posting because I simply love this (even though I originally wrote it back in 2005) as a wintertime/Christmas-y story. Please enjoy!

It was a day I shall always remember,
A day in which heaven fell freezing at my doorstep
And all but the Tannenbaums were silent

In this wasteland of memories I sat thinking
In an argumentative dialogue with myself, I paced and sat , and paced again
In time with the sand which fell within the glass, I wrestled with my troubled soul

Angrily, I stared at my window, in chastisement of the fog,
Which now concealed my view
Hiding all but the shadows which lurked behind my confusion

Then I heard it…..
The soft footfalls which pounded within my drumming ears
Taunting me to look above the menagerie which lingered around my chair

Hesitantly I stood upon the floor which denied me the pleasure of a quiet walk
Groaning in harmony, my feet pursued the path where the grey light fell
Until I reached those glass eyes which opened with a jolt, and there, I saw her…

She was as cold as a winter’s breeze through my open window in December
Her elegant waltz in the falling embers of a dying angel’s wings
Enchanted, I gazed at her

Struck by her fragile form, I could not help but wonder at her movements
Graceful and adorned in ice-fairy kisses,
She danced until completely swallowed by the sea of white

I was caught so unaware at her lustful radiance,
That chance had ordained such grace of visitation
Not a closed lid would I have shown her had she looked my way

Then suddenly, without a single trace she vanished
What path she followed, I could not see
But stricken with the pain of longing, I scarce could endure but to follow

The flurry felt within the steps were but a fraction of the pounding of my heart
Which for the first of many years had leapt from my chest at such wondrous visions
Visions which betrayed my very breath

Running, I felt the chill of December chasing my flesh at a dizzying pace
For I had forgotten my coat in this coldest of winters
Frozen, without a thought for the winds, I had run into the storm

Silently, I heard again the footsteps of her dancing, beckoning my follow
So off into the fading light of evening I walked,
Never feeling the cold, never caring for any but the angel I had seen at my window

Deeper into the endless towers of the forest, I followed the sound
Echoing now as tiny bells,
The melody of my enchantress played on in my fever, which faded into delusion

Halted, I stood at the river, gazing
Pondered did I at my arrival, which jolted me from slumbering steps
Had I followed some witch bent at ending my lonely life?

Forsaken within, I slowly turned toward the sound of thunder
And I rememember no more
For as quickly as I had awakened, I fell into the deepest of slumbers, pierced only by the bells

It must have been days which passed
Delerium floated in dreams which could not have been imagined by mortals
Until finally, the light peered at my face in wonderment

In the snow had I fallen,
Struck by thundering horses with … bells… on the harnesses
Running free from the horseman, or could it have been the reaper’s mare?

Scarcely could I tell the difference
For what had nearly taken me from life had spared my lonely existence
Surely I would have died in my lack of bearings, in so deep a forest in winter

With such stark realization, I could not hesitate in my thankfulness
And greeted once again by the cold, I headed to the beginning
The beginning of my dance

I would never again see the angel which had vexed me so
But on silent winter nights, I can still hear the footsteps in my lucidity
As once again my heart pounds with delight, just before the dawn…

Chasms of a November Storm

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In the secret chambers of a tranquil mirage, I am captive to the doom that awaits–
This romance of apocalyptic fantasies in the fires of a November storm.
Frigid sands of an ancient secret, send me to the eyes of redemption’s kiss;
Transform me in the land of virgin screams, absent of mindless torment,
For I will become a temptress in waiting, a scornful apparition of death.
I am hated, and will always be so; love me not in the frost of the snow-filled prison of despair.

The embers of my execution day, revived in the scent of oblivion’s flame;
I was chained in the days of my innocent youth, and burned by the hatred of scorn.
“You who consumed my faith in the silence of a stalker’s dream,
Will feel the fear which I felt; you shall taste the poison of my tears,
Convulse in the pain of my soul’s blade, a dagger of unending nightmares.”
Alive, and yet dead, the spirits of the past are reborn.

A vicious circle, trapped in the core; I cannot see the end of torment’s consuming fear.
What I am, lost in the chaos of emotions that dwell in the heart of the storm;
A mirage of consciousness, thunder in the audience of life;
Visions long forgotten return to the source of dreams,
As I travel the labyrinth of my mind, a frost-laden fury guides my eyes.
Raging flame of my will, passion’s elusive paths are revealed in the chasms of November ice.

I Wanna Be a Zombie

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I wanna be a zombie
I wanna eat some brains
And see all the little kids scream
When they see my body in flames

I wanna watch my skin drop off
And roll my head around
I wanna groan and grunt and growl
And beat you to the ground

I wanna be a zombie
And have no rules at all
Cause zombies don’t have to worry
About how they look at the mall

Make me fat or make me boney
I won’t have a care
Ill eat and eat and eat some more
And then go after smokey the bear

I’ll hear him scream and hear him fight
He’ll try to reach his car
But he won’t make it in my world
When zombies aren’t that far

Chew him up , enjoy the taste
Chaos will ensue
And when we’re finished, we’ll want more
Cause there’s nothing else to do

Zombies here and zombies there
Just like society’s best
Going through life in a brainless feast
And ignoring all the rest

Zombies come to eat the world
And scare the beauty queen
And when we’re finished with you dear
You’ll be the prettiest ever seen

I never thought I’d live so long
To see my dream fulfilled
Being a zombie is so much fun
Even when I”m being killed

I’ll get my picture in the news
Immortalized on screen
Having fun forevermore
As my skin rots with gangrene

The world will never be ready for me
And my zombie crew
Cause when we find your quiet town
The next zombie will be you!

Image property of Arielle Carroll

All in good fun and in the spirit of Halloween and Zombie film-making. Have a happy and safe Halloween and don’t let the Zombies get you!

Desert Prodigal

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Falling forever, it seems like nothing has changed
A runaway in the desert, following streams that led me astray
Hours turn to years of loneliness under a blinding sun
And all I can say for my bitterness is that I still feel

Thirsty and angered at all that life has repaid
Hatred and lust toward my only guiding star
As the sand takes my vision away
And hides my tears deep in the morrow of pain

Pleasure will scorch me with flames that bear loneliness
Twisted as life has become, those flames have become my smile
As many a torment has caressed my cheek
And it is all that I understand

Spun in the threads of a storm for so long
I can’t remember the last face to greet me
Dry desert trails this prodigal has traced
To simply find a friend

Fear for the angels who come to take my broken spirit away
Nothing more to mourn for, and nothing left of me
As phantoms embrace my lost and dying heart
To lead me once more to grace

In that final, whispered dream of a thought
As my eyes clear away the debris of a thousand wars
The stream reappears from the flow of my heart
And the burden lay before me in the form of rain

Blood mixed with water far too long held back
An oasis springs forth in the echoes of release
As chains of emotion bound by Hell’s angry eyes
Fall from tattered wings… and scream

The journey falls upward in a furious storm
As the vultures reveal the decay
Had not I fallen, I’d never have lived
Beauty was the desert in my fallen eyes
Blinded and opened by pain… to set me free…

Eternal_Slave_of_Fear_by_Arielle Carroll

A Dream of Sleep

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The stars hide far away
In the darkness of my mind
As the flames grow dim inside
Seeking solitary warmth
Yet finding emptiness and cold
Within tired unblinking orbs

Sleep has forgotten me
Somewhere in the misery
Pacing anxiety in service to the night
Lost in half-dreams and silence
Desperate, slowly dying
Another victim of the mirror
Another horror stalks the fear I hide

Passing through etherium
Breathing deep then not at all
A wish for peaceful fantasy
Drowned by struggling madness
Gasping for life
Leaving claw marks on the corridors within

Oh labyrinth, swallow me
Take me to thy netherworld
Oblivious to the morning light
Rest has fled so far away
Chasing fireflies
In some long-forgotten realm
In some distant palace where my soul resides

Wandering through these halls
Anticipating death to call
Grasp the blade to close my eyes…
Dreaming in a fog
Past the break, I’ve come this far
Waking daylight comes again