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From Heaven They Fell Weeping

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Cherubs fall from the sky
As ash and stone conceal the sun
The aftermath of a war beyond the stars
Come crushing our frail beliefs with a thunderous blow

How their bodies bleed the desperate fumes of wrath
For they were cast down from euphoria
From the heaven they once knew
The open arms of joy, which now refuse embrace

These children of redemption lay barren as they weep
While sands crawl to bury their mournful dying flesh
Decayed remnants of love
With arms outstretched in desolate yearning
For their thirst will never be quenched again

The lullabies of yesterday are all but a fading memory
With prayers that haunt and whisper in the evening fog
And hatred recounted a thousand fold
For the one who swore the kiss of life

In crumbling armies, their bones scatter to the wind
Their tears no more a treasure
Their voice no more a song
In homage to their dreams of mirth, I turn to look away

In the morn, I awake, eyes streaming with the pain
My vision of the night, burning deep within my eyes
I cannot bear these surmounting thoughts
Carved such countless nights ago
Upon the labyrinth of my mind

Again and again I am forced to repeat
Each dying breath
Each question eternally wondering
Each echo, forever trapped in time

The sun stretches out again
Upon the misery of my spirit’s death
Senses lost
Screaming out in all my rage

I bow, in agony, kneeling
Amidst the storm rushing through my mind
This is my final desolation,
Which devours my will to survive

I commit myself to an ending,
One terrible, yet peaceful thought
As darkness beholds my body
May it take me gently as I die…

Desert’s Child

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Please take me away
To the sands of my birth
The dream of my incarnation
Where first I breathed the morning
And exhaled the dusk
May the land hear my call
For I am alone again

Pain seeks its treasure in buried temples
Ancient, yet not forgotten
Not by me
For I was awakened in a bed of rage
Bringing storms across distant horizons
My yesterdays of wrath
Which fill my tomorrows once more

Let the sands caress my face
And the sweat kiss my eyes
For my vision burns of you, my home
Humanity will take its leave of me
For what I never was cannot remain
Only the spirit which was born of this fire
And the body which tempts not the fortunes of bliss

The barren sun weeps for its lost child
In a death-trance which mourning could not overtake
I can hear the moans which erupt from both above and below
It surrounds me with a desire which could never be quenched
For I belong with the jackals and the asps
I am the heart which rises in its grave
A traveller carried home by the wind

I will reach my horizon
I will see the visions in my dreams
Forever could not hold back this longing
For it is older than the seas
And furious in its need
The inhuman force resonating in my pulse
I will return, a child of the sand and a god of the lonely flame…