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A Heart’s Goodbye

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So many places
And yet my heart wanders
So many times
And yet my soul continues its voyage
A ship tossed upon the waves
A bird, fighting against the wind
With no refuge,
No place to rest its wearied wings
And still the spirit wanders on
Sails blazing against the current
Wishes torn from me
Dreams dying in the dust

But could that clay be reborn again
To form a new creature?
Could that dream rise again
As the great one, to heaven
From the defeating flames of yesterday?

As death brings life
And life brings death
And the days turn to months
And months to years
And as I numb with each stroke of time
I wonder in simple amazement
At those tiny droplets of resilience
Falling from my eyes in great floods
And tiny mists
As the minutes pass on
And the hour comes nigh
To say my goodbyes

Is it any wonder
Any great prospect for philosophers
To wrap their great minds around human nature
And see the reflection of their own souls
Old as the ages, and young as a child’s delight?

And the seconds pass on
Closer to my farewell
As I gather my forces
To conquer a new life
A new dream
And ride my chariot of flame to a new tomorrow
Rich with wonder and thick with hello’s
Searching ever for more
But free to find myself in all of these things
Free to love
Free to breathe
Free to smile at whatever brings joy

So fear not these goodbyes
For they are a necessity in the many tomorrows
Which shall embrace my heart
As I embrace the truth
In visions that captivate this heart
Which grows wiser with the years
And these times of suffering
For once the goodbyes are done
And the pain fades into memory
What remains is mine to build
As I sit upon the throne of the future
Fashioning my own crown, without remorse…



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This rose withers in the scorching sun
As the angels fly away
Little do they realize that as the petals fade
The sparrow remains locked away

Search for truth and the key will be found
All fairytales of a distant dream
Flowing like fountains from behind my eyes
And chasing the song of windchimes

Hide away, hide away on some distant shore
And wait for freedom to carry me to you
Disenchanted dreamer come die alone with me
Wherever you are, you are still a part of me

I will make my mind’s escape and join myself again
One day, lying on the shores of stars
Whispering no more the open sores of the cage
Broken with bandages laying on red soil

Claw my repose and see that I bleed
Send me to my dream of evermore
For I disappeared before your eyes
The night you locked the door

No more blood upon silvery clouds
For I am empty of my remorse
In black I shall ride into a dream
Fading into the sparrow’s eyes

As the wind carries away the final trace
And the night calls one last time
You will find the rose no more
For my heart drifted alone all these years
Floating with the breeze… towards life’s first breath


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Years succumb to the footfalls of strangers
Swearing allegiance to an unknown crown
Questions bearing no aid nor answer resonate from beyond
In waters which brought forth dreams
And never faltered for lack of reason

Fury fell fast upon a breast forged in pain
As princes crumbled beneath the mire
Danced as never before, then died
Broken and weary from a fear which knew them not
Fully denied fate of half-empty eyes which never dared to see

With fear, I embrace the steps of the damned
Chiseled in abhorrence
Kissed with passion
And yet my burdened feet bleed with each wish
Wanting for that which words cannot form

Seas of madness dwell in this heart of stone
Waiting for you to crush it.
Let it weep
For in those tears I will find my release
And kiss the humble hand which still holds the key

Ask not for hidden treasures, readily attained
For I have given myself away
As laughter drowned in its own iniquity.
Madness held within crystalline tears
Fall upon your pure brow, to quickly wipe away…
From wandering eyes

The Crag

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When will you see the blood crawling from my walls
And admit the pleasure of words which cut me so
But you don’t understand the force which drives the storm
When all you hear are screams

Sirens howl a hundred curses outside my windowpane
And here I sit within these butchered corners waiting for my turn
Silent and oblivious to the coming strike
Staring empty at the hours which pass within my life

Misery walks in time with a heart grown cold and dark
Beautiful in her enchanted and sorrowful eyes
Painful mourning in a blasphemous stare
Striking me with such bold indecision

Should I follow in the path to drowning
Or fall by the wayside in a torrent of tears
Either way is destitution and unseen death
As I silently await the clock’s toll… one more hour

Still the dream awakens me
Still it pushes me to the edge
Where I wish to leap and fly
Just once, to be finally free

One more hour, and the mirror grows hazy
Endless days have I spent searching
Never to find a reason
Never to find relief, nor a passing smile

Maybe one day, I’ll run to the seaside
And find my drowning Fantasia
Follow me, follow me, and never look back
For you will awake in the nightmares I see every day

Dreams fade, and years float away
As the storm takes its victim for one last ride
All I am is a winding, rocky path
And in the end, I will face the crag, and leap.

No more storms and no more blood
Never again to dream this dream
Don’t dare show your liar’s tears
For I was merely a phantom, passing through your day…



Message from the author: This is one I wrote a few years back for a friend. Hope you all enjoy.

For the Wounds…

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This is for the wounds that will never heal
This is for a time that will never change
And I a pitiless fool who refused to back down from a dream
This is why it scars
This is why it burns my soul
And this
My punishment for belief
In love

Strike me down in a furrow of flames
For what would sting worse?
Thy treachery or my rope-torn flesh?
Hinder me not from my plight
For it is better to die young than to empty myself of all tears

Closed_Eye_Visuals by Arielle Carroll

The ocean is as dry as the sun-scorched earth
For every last drop was poured out for that dream
That unattainable and barren child from the west
Struggling to see the sun rise from behind the curtain of night
A bleary-eyed soldier of misfortune, mistaking the spectre for truth

Why must I hide behind this smile of distrust
Is there even one hand to hold
To take to my dying hour
And caress my face in one final kiss?
Or is even this a fanciful dream of unreality?

This is for the dream that never lived
And for the burden that is never lifted
It is a fool’s resurrection in blinded desire
This is why it tears
And this is why it bleeds
And yet
It is this solitary dream which continues to keep pace
With each breath I refuse to take