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Beneath the Waves, My Spirit Waits

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Oh, phantoms of the cold, misty ocean, lead me in the winds of death,
For I cannot resist the call of the grave.
Silent, and adorned in screams from within the chasm of forever,
You are to me a comfort in the northern winds of remorse,
Taking me to the place of shadow within shadow,
As I alone sleep upon the hordes of majestic darkness surrounding me,
My spirit, in eternal sorrow–a whispered serenade to the night.

Desolate canyons of a wandering spirit call out my echoing tears.
In the depths of the waters below is my ever-still, ever-silent soul.
So deadly is the caress of this dark melody;
It will send the angels to the darkness,
And the ravens will fall from flight,
As I follow the crystalline blackness within these cold waves,
Bidding a farewell to the pain of this bleak life.

Falling into the cold earth, into the endless darkness of the sea,
Chariots from the silent deep come to join my descent
Into the mists of the great ending.
Will you remember me, my beloved?
Will you chase the ocean to it’s end for me?
For I am waiting, my spirit lost in the crashing screams;
So cold, yet still waiting, searching for my dream.

See the barren moon, watch the silent stars shine upon my grave–
Reflections on the frozen water, slowly changing form–
As the echos of my life swear their love for you.
The northern star knows not how I remain trapped inside the night:
Withered petals, caught in the dancing breeze, sweetly giving their perfume,
As the angels again whisper their ageless sorrow;
For fallen am I, forever in the deep blue of my silent tomb, waiting for

Opus of the Sea

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I once fell into the sea
And it was warm and loving
I once fell into a dream
And it was filled with the colors of joy
But the seas now stir in a crashing torment
And all that I had been was lost
The day you brought the gales

I grow ever silent as the seas roar on
In the distant epiphany that was our setting sun
In the dreams that now stand still beyond the horizon of sorrow
How I loved you, and was cursed in your burning stare
Wretched I stand
As the mistress of snakes injects her poison…. so deep
And I fall once more into the well of grief

Will you ever love me as I am
Or will the rain flood my soul in these sorrowful tears
Agony flows in the rays of my dying wish
As I claw, pleading, towards the gulf
Let me drown in this emptiness
For passion is a lost child who was burned in his youth

Bury me in the sands which swallow time
And dare to look into the shallow streams
Which hauntingly, stare back and ask,
Was my love deserving of such desolation–
For my heart still beats within the sea,
Where I wait, and mourn…


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Light fades
As the sun strokes a final toll upon the sand

Waves dry the tears
With the salt of the barren night sky

And the blue of the opium forest
Lifts itself like gentle angel dreams
Daunted yet daring
To chase the wintered whispers of a neverless horizon
Over the edge of the world

With tiny pebbles beneath my feet
I wither and die beneath the call of the pallid horseman
As we make our escape to destiny’s halls
Faster than the sun
Stronger than the wind
While we set our sails for tomorrow
And kiss the grail of yesterday

Without my young and boundless soul
Days would wind like wandering roots
Searching for a drop of calm
Until the burial reveals its rotted grace
Yet for endless chariot rides
I dare to dive inwards
Toward the scented fields of grey

Softly drifting seas of sky
Turn my eyes away
As dawn appears in the spectred veil
Of illusionary breath
Sheltered within the arms of the solitary mass
Endlessly envisioned within a glass of hope
Yet hopeless in the fog of their distance
Reaching for joy, yet touching only windless void

And the call of its desire keeps touching still
Such woundless naught
Peace is silence
And silence is that which I crave

Light fades
As the night casts its infinite wish upon the earth

The gloom lifts the tears
And I realize my path
Half past the hour of ascent