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The Ashen Queen

Posted in Fantasy with tags , , , , , , , on July 22, 2011 by mistressofpoetry

The evening rain slowly draws a smokey breath
To release the pain of a thousand tears
Adorned yet pale
She sits quietly beneath the moon
Her tender brilliance shining o’er through the trees

Her lover, a solitary, silent orb,
Stands watch above his mantle
Grieving not the fantasy he beholds
For he alike is born of mysterious fascination
Enticing those who would dare adore
The forlorn beauty of the sky

Bereft, she kissed his hand in sorrow
As he caressed her ghostly visage
Oh that he could touch her but once of his own volition
And comfort her for just one night
But as she turned with one final departing drop,
And yielded to the sovereign light once more
Her eyes dared glance back to say goodbye

How sweet her essence and how fair her pearl-white approach
When at will she blots out the imperial sun
Covering the sky with the trail of her cloudy garment
Naked, she pours out her blessings upon the clay
As her children stretch out in reverence
To drink her offering of life

The lover returns once more to his nightly throne
To touch the fading aura of her nightly passage
Yet the echo of her thunder brings promise wrought anew
For she is the mother of all beneath her
And the queen of the midnight groom…